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03 June 2011

road trip!

in just a short while (ok, the end of the day), nathan and i are packing up our edge and headed to jekyll for the weekend!! i haven't been to jekyll island since i was a little girl, and i remember LOVING it back then. after scoring an awesome groupon, we are splurging in a weekend away to celebrate our two years of marriage. it's hard to believe that we have been married two years already! our wedding was such a perfect day. on our anniversary (may 16) we looked through our album together. such sweet memories:

it really was a great day. i loved planning our wedding. every last minute of it. but i'll be honest, i love being married. its like a non stop sleepover with your best friend. i know there is always someone there to laugh with, cry with, and to hold my hand when its storming and i'm scared. sure, we have our disagreements and differences, but its a blast being married to nathan.

so, to celebrate the awesomeness, we are headed to jekyll island. we'll be staying at the jekyll island club hotel, a historic hotel from the 1930s.
jekyll island itself has a quite a history.  it is actually the property of the state of georgia, and is the smalles georgia island. it's history is rich, some believing it to be a vacation hot spot since before the colonial times. a favorite among prominent business leaders throughout the years, the first transcontinental phone call was actually made from the club hotel. the island boasts vacation homes of many of affluence, including J.P. Morgan, Richard Crane, the Rockefellers, the Goodyears, an more. the G8 have met here, the Federal Reserve was founded here, and now we will celebrate two years together and many more to come.
i'll be sure to take some pics and post when we get back :)

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