life in the basement has come and gone. we loved living underground, but are excited to practice maintaining a home. join me as i journal chapter two of our life, as we save up, look forward, and plan for a home in the city. as we seek after our great God to glorify Him daily, join in as we figure out what it means to radically pursue Him in "everyday life"

22 June 2011


let me start out by saying- those of you who started following/reading/have just taken a peek- thanks!! hope you enjoy! please feel free to leave comments, questions, notes, whatever! if you ask, i'll blog on any topic (well, almost) that you are interested in, so send it on!:)

now, as many of you who know me know, i started "training" for a half marathon back in maybe my junior year of college. i'd run consistently for a while, then get distracted. i was training really well my senior year for the berry half, and my papa lost his battle to Alzheimer's. in the midst of traveling and memorial services and then finishing my senior year, my training got off and i decided not to run.  i kept running here and there until i got married (i'll be really honest with you- i didnt diet at all to get ready for my wedding. any weight i lost was from running & stress, and maybe because i didnt like all the food in d-hall at berry), but once married, i kind of stopped. by kind of, i mean, in the first year of our marriage, i ran twice. yikes.  a few weeks before one of my friend's wedding, i decided i missed it- and missed the effect it had on my figure! not just the weight that it kept off, but when i run, i feel strong. i feel less stressed. i feel like i have at least a little control. i sleep better. i feel better. i feel like my emotions are more stable. i feel more focused. i eat better (well, mostly). i feel confident.

all that to say, i started running again. and of course, as soon as i did, all the benefits of running started coming back. finally, i got the courage and registered for a half marathon.  in march, i accomplished one of my life goals- i ran it! i finished!

my actual time was 2:14:53 (we were staggered because there were so many runners- i think they said around 19,000 runners ran the whole, half, and other runs going on.

since then, i have continued to run and am hoping to run another few halfs. my goal is to get my time down under 2 hours.
typically, i run on a treadmill at my parents house (they live down the street from my work). i dont run by myself (for a lot of reasons) so me and that treadmill have gotten pretty close. plus, since nathan and i dont have cable/satellite, i can record all my favorite shows and watch them while i run. its great!
in addition, i have a site that is a great tool to log my runs and keep up with mileage. its also inspiring to go back and see what i've done and how far i've run. so i wanted to share it with you today. its called dailymile, and it integrates with facebook and twitter if you'd like.  you can have "Friends" just like facebook, and you send motivation to your friends. most of all, it can show you your pace,  average miles, and a lot of other great analytics. here's some screen shots for you:

my profile page

so there you go. enjoy! good luck! anyone want to run a half with me? im game!


  1. hi whitni! thanks for the recap... i too love the realization each day that running only makes me feel stronger and happier! i started running shortly after i transferred from berry - i was feeling hopeless, missing an old relationship, and realized that instead of being lonely and mopey i wanted to be single and fabulous. : ) i made a list of everything that i thought a single, fabulous person would do, and "run a half marathon" somehow made its way onto the list. i ran my first about 5 months later and fell in love. i'm blogging (just a little) about my running adventures here - .

    i'm looking forward to a chance to run with you this fall! i'm considering signing up for the 7 Bridges half marathon in chattanooga, october 16... have you heard anything about it?

  2. love the blog! consider me a follower :)
    im definitely looking forward to running together in the fall. i haven't heard about 7 bridges until you mentioned it, but i just looked it up and it looks great! let me check my calendar- maybe we could run it together? i'm thinking about doing the 13.1Atlanta and maybe the ZOOMA women's half (13.1 is on oct 2 and zooma is nov 26). when do you settle into the atl?

  3. Hi, Whitni! I saw that you had begun this blog on Facebook and just got caught up from the beginning. I've got you listed on my Google Reader blogs so I'll know every time you post a new one. Sadly, a lot of us are lukers and don't comment often - the same thing happens to me with mine - so I thought I'd say hello from TN! :) Great job and I loved seeing the fun things you're doing with the basement. Hug Nathan for us!

  4. i'm sorry it's taken me so long - i've been out of town and am just now catching up on blog.

    i won't be moving until the end of august, but i'm actually going to be in the atl july 18-25 to do some apartment-hunting and boyfriend-visiting. :) i would love to go running with you during that week if you are free! i will be staying at erin's which i hear is not too far from your place.... so we should make time for a run. :)

    7 bridges sounds like such a fun half marathon...i have always liked chattanooga. it's $60 now, and i'm going to try to find out at what point the price will increase. i think i'm going to start training but try to wait to sign up until i know i'll be able to handle a half marathon as well as a very full grad school and work schedule! i am hoping for the best :)