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24 June 2011

happy birthday dan!

at my berry graduation
today is my littlest brother dan's 12th birthday! that's so crazy! i'll never forget the night we got him (he was adopted in case you didn't know). i was heading out to go to relay for life with my dad, and my parents got a call and shortly had a newborn to look after.
if you don't know dan, you are really missing out. he is the funniest, wittiest little dude. he might be 12, but he acts about 65. from his perch on the couch (literally, a perch, a spot that he has worn down and sat in since he was like, 1), he is a champ at video games and loves to record and watch nba basketball games. he is so loving and thoughtful, and will always make you an ice water if you ask. his vocabulary is incredible (one time, him and nathan were watching star wars:clone wars and he said that the bad guy was impervious...what?!). he copies everything my dad does which is pretty darn cute.

at our wedding, he was a little too young to be a groomsman, so instead, he escorted my mom (along with critter) and read some scripture for us. he is our family's little theologian- its not uncommon for him to ask you for your view on israel or to tell you his thoughts on salvation.

dan has come to LOVE nathan. its pretty cute. no sooner have we pulled up in the driveway for a visit at the lake, and dan is waiting by nathan's door with a basketball in hand asking him to play. and he's pretty good.

dan and nathan chatting it up before the wedding

dan is also quite the ladies man. i'll never forget it- on my birthday a few years back, we were sitting at lunch and he tapped me on the shoulder and said "excuse me, but um, do you have a map?" i kind of laughed and said no why? he then went on to say, "because i'm lost in your eyes." throughout college, he would randomly call me (he memorized my cell) and he would leave me long messages, asking when i would come home and what i was doing. one day, he called me and said "hey love muffin" and ever since, we have called each other "love muffin"

one of our favorite treats- at the crepe cart in breckenridge, awaiting our scrumdidilyuptious nutella crepes
needless to say, he's quite a hoot! so heres to a happy happy 12th birthday little guy! we will be celebrating with him on sunday, and for the occasion i'm making him a surprise special treat (of course there will be a blog about it!) as far as a gift gos, no joke, when i asked him what he wanted from us for his birthday, he said that since he knew we were poor and trying to save our money to buy a house, he just wanted nathan to take him to the LA Fitness to play a game of pick up basketball, and then to go to the world of coke museum and then to dinner at Flip Burger Boutique (because thats cheap). so there will of course be a blog about that as well!

until then, happy birthday dan!

on the lift in colorado

and here's a sneak peek at what i'll be making tonight!

from bakerella's website

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