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05 July 2011

surprise birthday party

hi friends!
hope you all enjoyed a great 4th of july.
its pretty cool to get to live in such an amazing country, and nathan and i enjoyed the opportunity to recognize the birthday of this great country yesterday!

speaking of birthdays, i haven't gotten to share about my sweet birthday surprise!
so last thursday, we were planning on going to Movies in the Park at Atlantic Station with our LifeGroup (thats Sunday School class at our church). i had done a lot of the planning (or so i thought) and had arranged for those that were going to meet up there to eat and then watch Grease on the lawn. i was excited of course and looking forward to it. nathan and i had decided to meet at home to ride together up there and he was running late which was kind of bothering me. he finally got there and we made our way up and when we did park, he made me turn around because he said he had gotten me something and didnt want me to see it. so i'm thinking, maybe a little cake or something for dessert. no big deal. so we head up the stairs to the parking deck and are walking over to california pizza kitchen by way of the lawn. i noticed that it was very full so i said we should go ahead and put our blankets down so that we have a spot. he said sure and pointed me to a corner and as i was walking, i noticed that i recognized a group of people. yes, my friends from LifeGroup were there, but there was another bevy of beautys i noticed!

christina, me, lydia, & erin- we all went to berry together :)
my college friends were there! what! what a surprise! and not only that, but they had coolers full of my favorite foods and 2 boxes of cupcakes from Cami Cupcakes. it really was a sweet surprise.

yes please! SUPER yummy cupcakes!

me & sarah- nathan's other sister

me & ash

me & hannah- nathan's sister
we picniced and ate and ate and ate and then enjoyed grease. it really was a great time. i highly recommend cami cupcakes- they were moist, not too sweet, and beautiful! check them out!

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