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14 July 2011

the news

so i'm a news junkie. its true. i am constantly checking the news, seeing whats going on in the world and how things are changing. i have a special affinity for world news- not entertainment or just following prince william and princess kate, but i mean real world news. i like to know when there have been terrorist attacks, when there are new countries being formed, and where there are droughts. i like to know what daily life is like around the world. i like to know who is hurting, who is celebrating, and who is being affected by what. it is important for me to stay in the "know," not just so i have a comment when someone brings something up, but so i can be praying & attempting to help the world around me. i check cnn, thedrudgereport, foxnews, politico, and a few others to keep myself informed. i listen to talkradio and the news in the car. when possible, i turn it on when watching tv. its not like im afraid of anything. it just really interests me and i like knowing.
back in college, i was introduced to a website that i continue to check periodically. its a site that reports on a different side of things- instead of reporting who is leading in the republican campaign or what the market is doing or how the british open is playing out, it reports on humanitarian disasters that often never make to the big news sites. sometimes, i've come across stories of hundreds of people dying, and i never hear about it anywhere else. as a follower of christ, i think it is extremely important for us to stay educated and prayerful for our family around the globe. as a citizen of the united state, i think it is equally important to use my abundant access to resources such as the internet to understand the world around me.

run as an arm of reuters, AlertNet is an excellent source of news on humanitarian issues. according to their site, "AlertNet is for anybody concerned with human suffering: relief workers, donors, policymakers, researchers, students, journalists and the general public. The site attracts upwards of 12 million visitors a year." AlertNet was founded in 1997, "in the aftermath of the 1994 Rwanda genocide and criticism of the slow media response and poorly coordinated activities of relief agencies. The site puts our strengths of speed, accuracy and impartiality at the disposal of the humanitarian community by offering a “one-stop shop” for crisis information."

so take a look at this site... and bookmark it! keep up to date on whats going on. here a few stories that were on there this morning:
so there you go. a little news to start your morning. have you seen or heard of anything crazy in the news lately? what are your ideas for how we can help those around us? i'd love to hear!

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