life in the basement has come and gone. we loved living underground, but are excited to practice maintaining a home. join me as i journal chapter two of our life, as we save up, look forward, and plan for a home in the city. as we seek after our great God to glorify Him daily, join in as we figure out what it means to radically pursue Him in "everyday life"

28 July 2011

11 days

since my last diet far, so good. i have found when i'm craving that ice cold bubbly goodness, i grab a sparkling water with lime. not quite a diet coke, but seems to quench my thirst. i have noticed that i feel like better & i sweat more when i run, hopefully meaning my pores are opening up. tmi? sorry... but i'm hanging in there. i've actually had no diet drinks or soft drinks of any kind in 11 days. woo hoo!

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