life in the basement has come and gone. we loved living underground, but are excited to practice maintaining a home. join me as i journal chapter two of our life, as we save up, look forward, and plan for a home in the city. as we seek after our great God to glorify Him daily, join in as we figure out what it means to radically pursue Him in "everyday life"

27 July 2011

do i REALLY live in a basement?

so, since starting this blog, i have been asked many times if i really do live in a basement. yeppers. i do. but we love it. so for todays post, i thought i would give you a little background.
when nathan and i were engaged to be married, we started talking (of course) about where we would live once the blessed event came and passed. at the time, i was finishing up at berry (i graduated the weekend before we got married) and he was almost done with kennesaw (graduating not long after we got married). neither of us had jobs- we had hopes for jobs but come on peoples, it was the summer of 2009. not only was our love in its prime was so was the economic recession. but we figured, all ya need is love, right? so, having no jobs, we were free to live anywhere our little hearts desired and little pocketbooks could afford.  we had both always thought it would be cool to live in the city (nathans family lives in the kennesaw area, and mine on the south side of the city) and it seemed convenient enough, so we thought...hmm...sounds like a plan. we started hunting for apartments in our price range (not much) all around atlanta. not knowing a ton about the city (other than a few restaurants and coffee shops we had frequented while growing up), we poked around and did a ton of looking on craigslist and other apartment hunting sites. our quest was not going so hot (it seemed like every apartment looked the same and the cool ones were triple what we wanted to spend). this was around christmas time (so, 6 months before our wedding, ish). we happened to get invited to dinner at one of nathan's friend's place- a guy he had played baseball with in college. he and his wife lived in the city, so we thought it would be a great chance to ask them for some advice and see if maybe they knew of any good places to look. after getting lost on the way, but admiring all the christmas lights in such a cute part of town that we never knew existed, we stumbled upon this great house. intrigued, we followed the directions given to us and wandered around a little path to the right of the house- they had told us their door was around back (can you tell where this is going??).  so we checked it out, and went down the little sidewalk until it opened up in a large backyard and a small door that went into the basement. we enjoyed a great night visiting and eventually we brought up the topic of housing in the city.
are you ready for this?
so the couple that we were visiting shared in our struggles- they too had looked and looked in the city. they somewhat jokingly mentioned that they were moving out and we could take over renting the place- and we were like say what?! joking turned into seriousness, and they relayed the fact that they were planning on moving out in april and that they didnt think there was anyone lined up to move in. we were looking for a place starting in may!
so after talking to the guy that owns the house and basement, we got a lease agreement, signed it, and sent him our deposit. we were sold! it was a great deal, a great set up, and perfect for a "first home."
so here we are, in a basement, two years later.  we have talked about moving somewhere else- even looked a few times- but it truly has been great. we are quite content with our smallish space, the homey touches, and always having a well kept yard. so here we will live, as we are saving up to buy our own home.  we have and continue to make sweet memories here. and it is our space- our little part of the world, and we think its perfect :)

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