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08 July 2011

have you heard about ebates?

so its friday and while i have a few other posts in the works, i thought i would share a quick tip i learned abotu that is pretty cool! have you ever heard of ebates? alright so its pretty cool if you havent. so i've become somewhat of an online shopper. while i love to go in stores and browse, often, i don't want to spend my time going to the store for things like say toilet paper, or a gift off of a registry. at christmas, the malls are crazy and so i'd rather do at least a lot of my shopping online. so right after christmas last year, i stumbled upon this site and i was like "yes!"

so how it works is you visit this site first, and follow their links to all the different online shopping stores. it keeps a "ticket" of where you are and how much you spend, and then you get a percentage back. every 3 months, they cut you a check, and thats all you have to do! the only personal info you give them is your mailing address (or your paypal account name). how awesome is that?!

they have all kinds of stores on there, too... from, target, macys, barnes and noble, clinique, old navy, under armour- the list is huge! so you go on, start an account (and right now, they are giving away a bonus when you open an account) and then search for you store. when you pull up the listing for the store on ebates, not only will you see the link to follow and the amount of cash back you will recieve, but they also post coupon codes for discounts or free shipping- how cool?!

so check it out- the key is to remember to use it when you order things (i'll admit, i still forget). and even if it doesn't seem like much, it's like an extra coupon! between april 1-june 30, i earned $73! every little bit helps, and if you're going to buy something anyways, at least earn something for it!

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