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27 September 2011

unreached: the algerians

i know i have missed the last few weeks, but i wanted to join together today to pray for the arabic-speaking algerians. they are one of the absolute least reached people groups, and need much prayer for workers to come. located in north africa, the algerians live- of course- in algeria. they are mostly sunni muslims, although there is a strong presence of a berber muslim fusion religion. the algerians number somewhere close to 24,912,000, with only .23% of those professing to be believers. while there has been some missionary activity in the last two years, the majority of the people are still without a knowledge of the one true Savior.

how can we pray for these people?
pray that God would awaken a desire in people to go here.
pray that God would give missionaries new ideas on how to share the gospel with the algerians.
pray for churches to be planted among the berber algerians, and for muslim algerians to be open to hearing about the gospel.

father, be with the algerians now. God would you please stir up courageous people to proclaim your gospel among these people? they are so many- why are there so few believers? lord, please bless those that are already working among them- give them creativity and wisdom as how to share you with those who need you most.

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