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20 September 2011

cupcake crawl: the cake house

so a few weeks ago, i stopped by the cake house on my way home. i had tried to stop by before and couldn't find it, so this time, i was glad to be able to locate it and get there before they closed. 

i must say, i was a bit let down.

when i walked in, the store was kind of cool because you could see the whole kitchen. it was decorated with cupcake knicknacks. i waited a bit for the woman in front of me to make her selections, then i made mine, pretty much getting one of everything that they had left.

carrot cake

traditional cake- tasted just like a publix/walmart/kroger cupcake. couldn't decide if that was a good or a bad thing

pink lemonade cupcake- by far, mine and nathan's favorite

red velevet

the remains :)

all in all, we gave this place a 70. good for the stockbridge area, but not our favorite.

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