life in the basement has come and gone. we loved living underground, but are excited to practice maintaining a home. join me as i journal chapter two of our life, as we save up, look forward, and plan for a home in the city. as we seek after our great God to glorify Him daily, join in as we figure out what it means to radically pursue Him in "everyday life"

08 September 2011

epic fail!

so friends, i admit. epic fail on my part. the last two weeks have been, in one word- full! all good things, things that leave you busy and tired and thoughtful and excited and intrigued and surprised and the like. i have been across the country and back, we've visited with both of our families, and getting ready to do it all again. i love my life. i love the place that nathan and i are at- while we look forward to days of family and homes and babies and play dates and school, we are greatly enjoying life as just the two of us. two weeks ago, i got an offer to go to dreamforce, an incredible conference in san francisco to learn more about salesforce, my company's crm. it was awesome! i went with the company that recently acquired us and had a great time. so last monday (yes, 4 days later) i packed up and headed to the airport all by my lonesome. it was the first time in my life that i have traveled by myself (i've flown alone to meet the fam, but never gone somewhere totally by myself). while i plan to blog more about the conference and all i learned, let me just say it was awesome. and strange at the same time. it was also the longest nathan and i have ever been apart, which was quite odd. but being the geeky apple nerds that we are, we facetimed each other at night and feel asleep chatting, just like we do at home. i know, we're weird. but i love it. when i got home on friday, we packed up and headed down to visit with my fam and some friends for the weekend, then headed to rome to celebrate lydia's birthday and go for a follow up visit on my shots, and then this week has been full of playing catch up- 5 loads of laundry, grocery store (first trip in like, oh 3 weeks), work, emails, shower planning, and all that jazz. needless to say, i have been asleep before my head hits the pillow and night and not had a second in between to blog. next week is going to be full of busyness as well, but i hope to be a little more intentional about getting stuff out there. here's an idea of whats to come:

 - 3, thats right, 3! cupcake crawl reviews- including one cupcakery in san fran!
- an overview of the shower we are helping host this weekend, including our take on this super cute cupcakes from pinterest

- dreamforce review= #awesomesauce
- update on my lupron
- a challenge by a faithful follower
- an update on 3 people groups that are desperately unreached
- my affection for our ipad
- a few more surprise
- still working on that post about my identity. maybe i'll post my musings and let it be a work in progress...

 so there you go! much to look forward to- keep checking in. and hey, if i haven't posted, get on me about it. whatev. and yes, i am on twitter now, although i dont really understand it too much and have only tweeted like 3 things. i'm going to keep looking into this.... what have your weeks been full of lately? i'd love to hear!

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