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26 September 2011

cupcake crawl: hospital edition

so my friend ash has been having some complications with her pregnancy that has landed her in bed rest in the hospital for a while. without sharing too much of her personal business, suffice it to say, her, charlie, and baby rhett could use your prayers. she is stable and so is rhett, but they will continue to monitor her and rhett until he makes his appearance.

so, what does a good best friend take to her friend in the hospital? well, when that friend is me, CUPCAKES! i texted ash and let her know that i was coming and needed her help for the blog, and she said she would be happy to! so i stopped by southern poundcakes, this great bakery near my office and the hospital, and grabbed a half dozen little cups of happiness and headed on over. our friend lauren was there too, so the three of us chatted and rated and ate some sugary goodness. 

here's what we thought:

altogether, we gave southern poundcakes an average rating of 80.33. not bad! i think their mini poundcakes are my favorite, but the cupcakes were fun & happy.

for an update, you should know that ash got discharged from the hospital tonight- hurray! big answer to prayer, although we continue to pray for ashley and rhett as they continue the journey towards full term. pray that God would keep rhett nestled inside of ashley until His perfect timing.

hang in their rhett, and stay well ash!!

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