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12 September 2011

a berry baseball weekend

on the road again....seems to be the song of my life right now!

but, this time, i'm going to blog (a little better than i did at dreamforce!!)

i had to share these sweet pics of my husband from this weekend. we were up at berry for a baseball alumni weekend and had the sweetest time. nathan was a catcher for four years and it was great to see him play with some of his old teammates as well as some even older & younger guys. we went up friday for a picnic and then saturday enjoyed a softball game, watching bp, and then finally a full baseball game.

we loved our years at berry. our time there only overlapped for 2 years (so nathan was there 2 years before me and i was there 2 years after him). berry has a beautiful campus. its one of the world's largest, actually! and it was so great to be back- the smells, the sights, the nature, the friendliness of the people- all of it. if you don't know much about berry, i encourage you to check it out!

saturday morning, we got up and had breakfast with maybe our favorite family in rome- the vances. back in college, i babysat their sweet babies (calvin & sophie) for two years, and i cherished time with them. we love the family so much, we did our premarital counseling with garland and dorothy, and garland married us. we met them at the new steak and shake, and enjoyed chatting and visiting and laughing and watching their now babies play as little kids.

it was a great weekend, and so good to see nathan catch. funny story, we weren't dating too seriously when he played in college, but i came to a few of his games. i never once saw him hit any homeruns- and the boy could hit some bombs. without fail, he'd hit them right before i got there or right after i left. i have seen him hit one or two in his softball games with his brother, but those aren't quite the same. so, before the game, i pulled him aside and asked him to hit me a homerun. each at bat, i'd hold my breath- the first few he had great hits, but no homeruns. it was still fun, and i sat right behind homeplate so i could watch him catch. then, just as i was about to go grab a drink from the concessions, he was up again. so i turned to watch and he hit- and i knew it was a good hit. it was beautiful. and it kept going, and going, and going. and it was gone! a homerun!! i was so proud- and it was the only one of the game!! he was pumped, his coach was pumped, his old teammates were pumped- it was perfect!! and now i can finally say that i saw him hit a homerun! :)

check out these pics!

ahh... home sweet home! 
at the softball game 

nathan even got the chance to pitch for a little bit- and he did great!

lyd & sarah joined me to watch & cheer nathan on

warming up for the game!

waiting for his first at bat

with the guys

the whole crew

so they had a jumpy for all the alumni kids, and sarah and lyd decided to try it out at the end- ha!

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  1. Glad you guys had a nice weekend! Returning to Berry is always a special treat.