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02 August 2011

unreached: the bedouin levantine in lebanon

alrighty ladies & gents, it's tuesday, and time to kick off this brand new feature!

to kick it off, i have selected a people group from one of my favorite countries- lebanon. i'll post later sometime about my experience in lebanon, but today i want to talk about the bedoiun levantine people who reside there currently.

the bedouin people live throughout lebanon, having migrated into the country from egypt by way of israel. these folks speak both arabic and eastern egyptian bedawi. there are approximately 46,000 bedouin calling lebanon home, and of these, less than 5% are known believers. in fact, the most of them consider themselves to be sunni muslims. the bedouins typically spend their lives as either nomads or farmers, both living mainly in desert areas.

while there is an arabic translation of the bible, there is no translation (that i could find) in bedawi. additionally, it can be hard to reach these people, since they live as nomads without the presence of many western conveniences like cell phones, the internet, or even a home address.

so what can we do? pray!
pray that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers to these people
pray that God would protect, encourage, and guide the few believers among these people, and that His light would shine through them
pray for someone(s) to be willing to translate the bible for them, or maybe even be willing to make a recording on an mp3 player to spread the love & message of christ among them, in their language

god, we ask that even now, you would raise up believers to send to lebanon. even if it is us, we ask you to reveal, convict, and lead people to minister to the bedouin in lebanon. prepare their hearts, and begin to draw them to yourself. you are the Father to the fatherless, and have prepared an eternal home for even the homeless. Lord, we do ask that you be with the believers that are sleeping even now among the bedouin. thank you for how your Word never returns void, and even these few have devoted their lives to serving you! give them strength, fill them with your love, and use them from within to reach this people group. please keep the bedouin on our hearts and minds this week, that we might pray for the harvest on the other side of the world.

as always, all the info & pictures in this special feature comes from the joshua project, unless noted elsewhere

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