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09 August 2011

new feature: the cupcake crawl!

alrighty folks, another new feature for ya- an ongoing cupcake challenge!
inspired by my recent consumption of a variety of cupcakes, i'm going to start a new, ongoing feature reviewing local cupcake shops and rating them. i'm really pumped about this!!

so every time you see this symbol, it means there is a review ahead!! to make all things equal, i've come up with a report card that i will fill out on each, and i'm going to try to take pictures as well. here's the report card:

if you've got a cupcake place you want me to check out, send it to me!! here's my list so far:

cupcake shops:
lenox cupcakes
highlands bakery
atlanta cupcake factory
little cake bakery
gigis cupcakes
caryns cakes
piece of cake
holly's cupcake store
sweet pockets
buttersweet bakery
button cakes bakery
west egg cafe
the cake house & more
cookie studio

obviously, that's quite a few, so this will take a while. stay tuned!
if you want to visit & be a guest judge, let me know! i'll be looking for taste testers & cupcake comrades!

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