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08 August 2011

how i organize my cabinets...

so, i'm not sure if you care (or know), but i'm a pretty big nerd. especially when it comes to organization. i LOVE to organize things (notice i said organize them, not keep them organized, which is a whole other issue...). since we live in such a tiny space, i find it absolutely necessary to attempt to keep things organized. one thing that has constantly been a challenge is our kitchen cabinets. see, we don't have a whole lot of them, and we were blessed with very generous wedding guests who gave us pretty much everything on our registry, which is AWESOME! and will be even more awesome some day when we have the space for it. but for now, we have to fit all that and at least a little food in our small space. some of the shelves (ok, like half!) are out of my direct reach and require a stool to get to them (or some sweet talking to my love, if he's home to help my height deficiency). 
about a year ago, i cleaned out our cabinets and was shocked how many i had of certain food items- mostly due to the fact that i couldnt see/reach, so when i couldn't find something, i assumed we were out and bought more. i decided this had to stop, so i created an inventory system to keep up. now, i know it looks like chaos, but i promise, its organized! i know exactly what is in the cabinet & where- now this first picture is the cabinet above our fridge, and is entirely food storage, as in dry goods that i don't need frequently

so you can understand how it would be easy for me to buy, say, another bag of chocolate chips. i mean, do you see them anywhere in there? would you believe there are SEVERAL bags of them? yeah, there are! so, i started doing this:

yep, a good old fashioned hand written (in sharpie of course) list of what is in the cabinet. and, for handy-dandyness, this list is posted in one of my lower cabinets, between my sink & oven. that way, i can whip it open, take a glance, and then decide if i need the stool or not. here's the cabinet it lives in...spices on the bottom, baking goods in the middle, more often needed dry stuff on top (thats quinoa, oatmeal, sunflower seeds, almonds, and muffing mix)

so there you go. a peak inside our smallish kitchen. i think you can do a lot with a little. and i think its cool the things you can figure out (like inventory systems) when you need to! someday, when we have our own kitchen, i want to paint the inside of the cabinets with chalkboard paint. i have a cool picture on pinterest that i can't get to right now, but i'll post it later.

maybe someday. but for now, sharpies & printer paper work just fine.
what about you? any tips or successful practices in your kitchen cabinets? i'd love to hear!!

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