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22 August 2011

cake POPs! :)

as promised, here's our much awaited cake pops post!!

so this weekend, ash & i teamed up to get to work on some cake pops for a fellow teacher who was going to pay us to make them for her child's birthday party. our first payin' gig! big deal to us, as it is a joke dream of ours to run a bakery or something like that someday. for now, cake-pops on demand will do!

so friday night, ash & i got out the mixer and all our tools, and got to work. to start, we baked a box cake in a 9x13 pan and let it cool

can you see the baby bump?! yay!! ok its not much, but its enough to leave a best friend exctied!! baby's first cake pop baking adventure....we're starting this kid out right! well, i suppose technically this would be their 2nd.... were they in the womb yet? tmi?  anywho, we had a lot of convos about the baby whlie we were doing these. fun times!

we used this kitchenaid piece i gave ash for christmas- its a bottom scrapper, so it scrapes while it mixes. pretty cool huh?

once the cake was cooled, we cut it out of the pan, and started crumbling.

here was our inspiration - from the cake pop book

once the cake was cooled & crumbled, we added in about 3/4 can of premade icing. bakerella suggests using boxed cake mix & canned icing because of its consistency.  we agree.

then, we started molding. for these cake pops, we needed 35 rectangles and then the rest just balls. we molded these with our hands, and its a squishy yucky mess. kind of fun though. the cake mix feels- well, kind of like, you know when you were a kid at the beach and you would pour water on the sand and mold it into stuff or let it drip and build up like spires on your sand castle? kinda like that.

attractive pic, huh? this was after running 5 miles and before showering. sorry guys. hands were clean though!

once everything was molded, we put them in the fridge to set, and made sure we had everything we would need for the next day. then, we went to bed- eager to rise and shine bright and early the next day.

our supplies

these pens did NOT work. terrible. 

saturday morning, we were up with the sun ready to dip, doodle, & decorate. after melting our candy melts and getting together a game plan, we were good to go!

styrofoam block to sit the resting cake pops to cool

candy melts


made me wish for snow!

bare pops with nothing but their popcorn on top

charlie helped us (while nathan was still sleeping) cut the marshmallows to look like popcorn. it was crazy how much it looked just like popcorn! i ended up having to eat some real popcorn saturday night after starring at this stuff all morning

i mean, for reals, looks like popcorn, huh? or of the two.

we found the scissors worked better & faster than a knife

then we dipped the "popcorn" in candy, and stuck it on top


once all the popcorn was stuck on, we took a quick breakfast break, allowing the candy to fully harden, then we got back to work. while i was working on painting the pop and stripes, ash dipped the rest of the balls in green candy melts & multicolored sprinkles. she made this display to put them in- how cute and festive!

so we had originally planned on using the wilton candy markers on these, but they were an EPIC fail. we rushed to michaels to see what else we might could use, and we came across these "matte candy writers" by duff, the ace of cakes, guy. these ended up being pretty good- they were fine for the stripes, but it was hard to write with, so i ended up squirting it in a bowl and hand painting it on. not quite what i was hoping for in terms of finished product, but they were still pretty good. i'm a little bit of a perfectionist (as is ash) so i was a little let down, but i've learned for next time!

we bagged them in treat bags & tied them up, and they were ready to go!

notice, of course, the pink glittery nails :)
so there you have it. ash & i are in the process of starting a cake pops business, so be looking for more info on that soon!!! let me know your thoughts- and want cake pops at your party? get in touch, and we'll give you a quote!!

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