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11 October 2011

unreached: the zaza-dimli of turkey

while nathan and i have been in san fran, we have seen a lot of different people. its always amazing to me how many people can come together in one place. even more apparent than the skin colors and languages we hear is the variety of food available. greek. chinese. thai. irish. mexican. italian. etc. we are surrounded by the world. we can't help but talk about how incredible it is that people from all over the world come together here in the US.

all of this made me excited to blog about the unreached people group this week. i know i have missed a few weeks, but to me, this is one blog topic that i like to take quite seriously.

today, i ask you to join me in praying for the zaza-dimli people of turkey. the joshua project has identified them as one of the top 10 people groups needing to be reached. a people group that is a type of kurdish people, the zaza-dimli have their own dialect as well as their own "sect" of islam. shocking to me was the fact that, although they number over 1.1 million, the government of turkey doesn't recognize them, and will not assist in meeting their basic needs. additionally, there are literally no believers among them. there is no copy of the bible in their language. and while they have been identified as in need of missionaries, there seem to be none present.

would you join me today in asking our Father to reveal himself to these people? pray for believers to be willing to go, to learn the language and translate the bible so that these zaza-dimli might be able to read and know our great God. pray also for a mindset shift within the government, that He would help meet the physical needs of these people through the government of Turkey. pray the God would raise up a generation of these kurds that would worship Him as the one True God.

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