life in the basement has come and gone. we loved living underground, but are excited to practice maintaining a home. join me as i journal chapter two of our life, as we save up, look forward, and plan for a home in the city. as we seek after our great God to glorify Him daily, join in as we figure out what it means to radically pursue Him in "everyday life"

31 October 2011


in the last six weeks, i have become quite the traveler. i have spent more time packing, traveling, and unpacking than i have pretty much anything else. don't believe? these numbers don't lie!

17,072...number of miles flown
70...number of meals eaten out
5...number of meals eaten at in-n-out
19...number of nights in a hotel
6...number of destinations visited
8...number of trips taken (3 to california!)
7...number of cupcakeries visited
4...number of nights stayed with friends

needless to say, it's good to be home :)

so now that i'm done traveling, look forward to many good posts. i promise, i'll be much better than i have been the last six weeks. i feel like i said that two weeks ago. but look forward to many good things!

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